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reeducation after 10 months

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

i didn't gave much news recently because to put it quickly, i have a broken leg for 10 month now(9 months and 3 week, time for a baby or 2).

I had some difficulties walking around because of former broken bones and hard to work so it had to be done but some complications were waiting for me around the corner and lack of consolidation brang the wrath of patience on me.

As i was starting reeducation and physiotherapy right away, it didn t improve the situation and created a space between the screws impeaching the bone to connect and form itslef.

Some airplane nightmare along the way and I was good for another operation, before Christmas.

S,o second time in the hospital, you start to know the names and the routine, you bring you own coffee and so one and start over the whole process...

Xrays in january showed nothing improved so we added some more material inside the leg, a plaque to secure the best possible the alignement of the femur, collect some bone cells from bone grafting-avoided closely- and repeat over and over all the stages of rehabilitation, immobility, patience, food, calcium, clexane, painkillers, scars tretment,elevation,crutches,..

The projects are still on, at least mine, as i didn t lost my time, learning german, better dutch, greek, arabic alphabet,..

Creating my podcast Sport yourself

, that you can listen on itunes and other podcast resources, writing some scenarii ideas and developing other, stating a stand up structure...

Thank you for you help and social presence dear friends, it's making me feel good.

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