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Here we are, The day of the Mama's and grand ma's and Mums and Granny and Bocha and Avo and ..a lot of mothers on this earth but it's normal I wish it to my special one , having to handle me for a while now as a son, dealing with my weirdness(a big amount) my creativity and imagination (limitless) my need for independance/ autonomy since ..the beginning pretty much.

I may be a different kind of son, but aren't we all ?..come on, yes it's true, you know it my dear friend ( hu dearyyy, Rupelstintskin's way)

But I know that she knows that we know we love each other no matter what and when I'm in our little belgian town , I enjoy every second with her (and others too, don't be jealous;)) because even if is life is an endless loop with births and deaths, it's alway too short time with the people we cherish...

Je t'aime Maman, très

gros bisoussss

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