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Hello tudos, happy Valentine a few hours later (why not?)

So, for the news here it is, some casting done recently, some casting agents approached through email, some practice of english accents and portuguese one, of course, some running, biking, swimming, bjj, rope, ... a bit every day:D

For my MBA in Sport Management, I m developing the 'fondation' part, that in most case shouldn't be call 'charity', if the kids have to pay to enter, but in my point of view, yes it should be free but i go deeper on that in my work;) and I keep do well with the ATFA training course.

'Dancing Grey' de Rolando Guerrieri, kino Bruxelles 2015

I have to start avoiding the sun, what a pity, for my character of Ivan in Out for Vengeance, that we gonna start back to shoot within weeks. I 'm impatient .. and I'm planning as well some great class in specific acting and theater matters around march and april.... ooooh yeaaah, cannot wait for it

Have you watched LA, La Land? or Chopper with Eric Bana? I discover his comedy show he did in Australia, " Full Frontal" hilarious:D Checked back The 5th elemento with my love yesterday and that future so 'old' is funny to see, but what a great work it was from @Lucbesson and cie, enjoyed it again 20 years after..yes..already..

And what about you my friends? What have you been up to? Let's born to act and sport ourselves:D

and you my friends? what have you been up to?

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