Pantomime me

Here I am, tada tadada, rockin'like a hurricane,.. this song just came back in my brain now, it's sunny, quite and I m practicing pantomime or mime. This part of acting skills is just amazing as you just let express your passions, feelings and ideas through gesture and attitudes, without using speech.

Great way to synchronize body and mind and improve the observation of the world. what a nice time it was before 1927 and the first speaking movie, "The Jazzman'' with Al Jonson (see picture)

that help save the studio Warner. You so had to handle the whole story through mimes and attitudes, with the situation written on intertitle :D

FW Mumau's The last Laught (1924)

It really help to develop the whole panel of physic possibilities as well as faces expressions, so I will let you there right now and go practice a bit.

What about, my dear readers, if there is actully someone, don't you share some of your favorite expressions as well or tell me what do you think of it? :D

Cheers my friends and talk to you soon