Poster for movie festival Tuntun Pr AVO Ce

June 5, 2017

Oyez, oyez,how is everyone going? 


I ill make it short because i am about to go to the dentist, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah but I spent some time today to figure out what kind of poster I wanted to do for Tntun Pr AVO Ce, a movie really intense I made for some reasons... and really clos to my heart  (deep inside in fact:))


So here it is with two different poster I made for it with my amazing today knoledge of Gimp phot editor.


According to you, wich one ould be the best? thank you for your choices, i ll take it into account.


By the way, if someone can understand everything on this postr, i offer him an ice cream of his choice :DD 




If you are in my situation,willing to create your own short movies without budget,  I recommend  to take a look at this


let me know if you have some nice pitch ideas or what you would developp if you could :D


Have a great week everyone and take car of you:D




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