September deeds

September 8, 2016


Hello, dear friends and people lost on internet to reach my wepage, How u doing?

 Me, i m good, thanks for reading, In Belgium for over a month now, time with friends, family, studying (an actor never stops) and enjoying a summer not seen for a while.

We made an interesting week in Cours Florent Bruxelles with Ana, that was nice. WWe keep search for other formation and other tools to keep improving.

for example tonight there s a way to make Stunt jumps with the huge airbag used for movies .

 So yeaah, sporty and brainy time, we enjoyed kayak as well and ski in Comines Belgium, inside snow fun:D


 Castings, many for commercials these times but the most expected is the following part of the feature movie  'Out for Vengeance' form Salar Zarza and other projects soon to be revealed.  I ll check quickly if i  can subscribe to a 48h movie festival in Brussels, and soon the Korean Bruxelles film festival will start



followed by the FIFF, Festival du film Francophone de Namur, I really hope and expect it to be a great one :D


Take care everyone, and feel free to comment or not care of course.

Have a great day, week, month, life, love,..